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Introducing the "Slothfully Caffeinated" Mug! This delightful ceramic mug combines your love for coffee and humor with the adorable charm of sloths. Picture a whimsical illustration of a sleepy sloth hanging lazily from a tree branch. This witty phrase perfectly captures the spirit of those sluggish mornings when you need a jolt of caffeine to get your day started.


Whether you're a coffee enthusiast, a sloth lover, or simply enjoy a good laugh, the "Slothfully Caffeinated" Mug is an ideal companion for your morning routine or a fun addition to your collection. It also makes a fantastic gift for family, friends, or colleagues who appreciate the perfect blend of humor and caffeine.


Product Details:

- 11oz Size Mug

- White Ceramic

- Dishwasher Safe

- Microwave Safe

- Posted In a Smash Proof Box


Todays Good Mood sponsored by coffee Ceramic Mug


- Microwave Safe

- Dishwasher Safe (But handwashing will prolong your drinkware)

-Not Suitable for Young Children as Ceramic in Nature

- Ceramic In Nature

- Will Break If Dropped

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