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The "Gnome Nurse" mug is a delightful and whimsical tribute to the nursing profession, combining the charm of a gnome character with the admirable role of a nurse. It is designed to bring joy and a touch of humor while acknowledging the vital work that nurses do.


The "Gnome Nurse" mug serves as a delightful and light-hearted tribute, celebrating the compassion, dedication, and hard work of nurses. It is a perfect gift for nurses or nursing students, providing them with a daily reminder of their important role while bringing a smile to their faces as they enjoy their favorite hot beverage.


The Heart shows 75 years for 75 years of the NHS designed to celebrate the National Health Service's significant milestone. It is a special tribute to honor the organization's commitment, dedication, and service in providing healthcare to the people of the United Kingdom.


Please state if you do not want 75 Years in the heart


Product Details:

- 11oz Size Mug

- White Ceramic

- Dishwasher Safe

- Microwave Safe

- Posted In a Smash Proof Box


Nurse Dressed Gnome, 2 designs - Ceramic Mug


- Microwave Safe

- Dishwasher Safe (But handwashing will prolong your drinkware)

-Not Suitable for Young Children as Ceramic in Nature

- Ceramic In Nature

- Will Break If Dropped

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